HAWCS set out to redefine the way aerial power line and utility inspections are conducted by consulting existing customers and leaders in the industry. Close and lasting relationships with Utility Companies have identified several key requirements.

Safety: The reduction of unnecessary risks to personnel & contractors.
Time: Faster patrols to meet deadlines while reducing costs and nuisance to customers.

Noise: Quiet operations to ensure minimal disturbance to customers and livestock while allowing for larger portions of network to be patrolled.
Data: Accurate and easily accessible data that reflects the condition of the network.

Cost: Increasing benefit of aerial patrols while maintaining high levels of cost effectiveness.

HAWCS has removed ALL risk to Utility personnel through the use of technology. Using our unique data capture methods, HAWCS digitally collects all information currently observed visually.

HAWCS introduced Digital Moving Map GPS displays to the cockpit, greatly increasing situational awareness and safety. “No Fly Zones” and noise sensitive areas are also displayed, allowing for fast patrols without the risk